Splash Cloud

SPLASH Applied uses the SPLASH Cloud technology and platform. Customers can purchase their own copy of SPLASH Cloud which is then customised to provide their IOT and product asset fleet manager platform customised to suit their equipment, markets and expected audience


Branded UI & animations

Incorporate your logo, branded animations and user interfaces

Customised your way

Using the SPLASH login but from then on the platform is branded with your branded animations and custom features

Full replication Of Splash platform

A full replication of the platform including databases to provide a fully independent IOT solution for you and your customer’s use

Splash Cloud

Splash Cloud is ideally suited to OEM’s of many types of equipment and most markets. Splash can customise the IOT solution to suit the equipment, martket and expected audience, features can include:
Cost effective and proven asset fleet management system providing remote visibility and control of products and systems
Communication options include cellular, wifi and wired ethernet with or without cellular backup
Map of sites shows the system location and status and assists to geographically allocate resources
Remotely view current status and historical information on unique easy to understand user interfaces
Remotely update software, firmware and change settings and schedules
Analytics review the system operation identifying changes and indicating future faults and works required
Email alerts are sent if systems underperform, a fault develops or systems need servicing
The semi automated servicing assistant helps to complete commissioning and maintenance. It provides commisioning, servicing and work sheets specific to the HVAC model or product with automated checks and data entry. Users can add photos and observations
Allows remote commissioning and technical assistance to be provided by the manufacturer or by others remotely
Commissioning and service log provides access to historical works completed and ensures systems are commissioned correctly and adequately maintained
Fault log includes potential reasons for a fault, works and materials required. If issues cannot be resolved remotely, technicians can arrive on site prepared and with the required materials and tools
Health-check reports can be requested to be emailed periodically. This reports on KPI’s and predictive performance. (Due for release mid 2020)
Provides technical information including installation / user / maintenance manuals and wiring diagrams etc
Allows spare parts to be ordered online via the Service Assistant which reduces downtime and ensures the correct parts are ordered. (Due for release end 2020)
SPLASH Cloud can be copied and fully rebranded

For mobile solutions, the SPLASH IOT Platform utilises Vodafone's global mobile networks. Connections and data use are normally managed through the SPLASH GDSP dashboard. However customers can choose to connect the hardware to their own account or to another network provider by inserting an overiding sim into the hardware.

SPLASH utilise the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Servers for data storage.
Custom solutions can be provided where customers want to use another cloud service provider or to have the platform on their own servers.

An overview of SPLASH Applied is available here